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Can I appeal a denial of Social Security benefits?

Suffering from a serious injury or illness can be devastating. Not only are there health complications and limitations to worry about, but you may also be very concerned about the financial ramifications of a condition if it is disabling. The combination of mounting medical bills and an inability to work can create an overwhelmingly stressful situation.

To make matters worse, many people in this difficult situation will also learn that their application for Social Security disability benefits is not accepted initially. However, if you are in this situation, you should know that it is possible -- and common -- to file an appeal. 

Bump in Social Security Disability Insurance payments announced

Anyone who regularly makes trips to Austin grocery stores has likely noticed a pattern. Prices of essential items continue to creep upward. Vegetables, meats, fruits, cereals, beverages, soups, etc.: virtually everything in the stores seems to be pulled upward in price.

The Social Security Administration has in place a cost of living adjustment (COLA) designed to help those receiving retirement benefits and disability benefits to keep up with inflation. The annual COLA was recently announced, and as has often been the case in recent years, was disappointingly modest: 1.7 percent.

How our Austin Social Security Disability attorneys can help you

Regular readers will recall that we recently wrote about a report indicating that approximately one-third of Americans with disabilities live in poverty. The report indicated that the inaccessibility of support systems for people with disabilities are partially to blame. One of the most important programs available is Social Security Disability, which has a number of high hurdles for applicants to overcome, including a complex appeals process.

Reyes & Reyes Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping clients in Austin and across Texas through the difficult appeals that can be part of gaining approval of a lifetime of needed SSD benefits. Once approved, the assistance helps lift deserving Americans out of poverty – or prevents them from ever falling into poverty – with monthly payments that cover necessities in life.

Report: Nearly one-third of disabled Americans live in poverty

It has been more than 20 years since the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted, yet nearly a third of disabled Americans still languish in poverty, according to a congressional report. The reasons for disabled people remaining disproportionately poor are complex and varied, ranging from simple bias to confusing assistance and support systems.

Among the support systems that leave many people perplexed is the Social Security Disability program. So often qualified applicants see their benefits claims denied because of paperwork errors, red tape, confusing appeals processes and more. 

What is aphasia?

Imagine being unable to understand the words in this sentence. It's an ability most of us take for granted. But for people with aphasia, the ability to express and understand language in both written and verbal forms is taken from them by this condition that can result in disability.

For those dealing with aphasia, applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be an especially difficult task that might require not only an Austin SSDI attorney, but also the patient understanding of a family member or loved one.

Is it possible to be disabled by depression?

As we know full well in Austin, the blues is one of the great American forms of music. Depression, however, is much more than a passing feeling of sadness because your woman or your man did you wrong. Major depression is a serious medical illness that affects virtually everything we do: sleeping, eating and enjoying life.

Major depression can even prevent a person from working and be so long-lasting and severe that it qualifies a person as disabled

Supplemental Security Income: complicated help

Many people are proud of this country’s safety net; the web of social programs designed to catch people who are disabled by illness or injury and need financial assistance. Among the available forms of assistance is Supplemental Security Income, a program for disabled people with low income and few resources.

While SSI provides much-needed aid to millions, the reality is that without legal counsel it can be difficult to get through the complicated appeals process that stands in the way of benefits approval for many applicants. 

What are Social Security Disability earnings requirements?

Few things in life are as complex and confusing as government regulations. It’s not that regulators are out to make everyone miserable with double-talk, minutia and overlapping, contradictory rules, requirements and laws, but it can sometimes seem that way.

As people in Austin who have filed for Social Security Disability benefits know, the process and paperwork are complicated. One of the questions claimants typically hope to find answers to early in the application process: What are Social Security Disability earnings requirements? 

Coping with mental illness

Mental illness is an issue typically ignored by the news media, unless and until there’s a murder or suicide involved. Think of how much coverage the death of Robin Williams received and how little of it was devoted to issues surrounding depression. Think again about the murders of children in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, two years ago, and the intense coverage that horrific event received. Mental illness was certainly in the news, but much of the focus was on how to prevent mentally ill people from possessing firearms.

Those are just two examples of how coverage of mental illness is mishandled by a media always eager for splashy headlines and grisly details, and always reluctant to give more than a cursory glance at mental illness symptoms and struggles affecting millions of ordinary Americans every day. 

Righting media wrongs on SSDI

The job of the news media is to give the public unbiased information about current events. Unfortunately, what we are too often given instead are slanted opinion pieces designed to serve a political agenda of one kind or another.

We have seen the Social Security Disability program repeatedly tainted in recent years by misleading, inaccurate mischaracterizations in media outlets in Austin and elsewhere. Over and over, the program has been misrepresented, though in reality its aim and accomplishments are praiseworthy: providing modest, earned benefits to American workers who have had their careers cut short by disability. 

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